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Yes! Every cup of coffee at any of our location is completely free of charge. Whether you choose a 12oz, 16oz or 20oz cup, it is always completely free. End are the days of the $4-$10 dollar cup of coffee.

Well this is an interesting one. We launched our online coffee business last year with the plan to expand and open individual coffee shops throughout the country eventually. We first wanted to find a way to stand out from all competition. We knew we had incredible roasts, we just needed to find a way to compete with the big national chains. Then one day the owner was driving with his wife drinking our coffee out of those resuable coffee cups you get from a dollar store and then it hit him. Everytime he took a sip of coffee, he looked at the corney message printed on the cups. What if that message was replaced with an avertisement, he thought? Partnering with local companies, we are able to provide a groundbreaking way to get their message accross while suplimenting the cost of each cup of coffee to you, allowing us to provide completely free coffee each and every time you want it.

Absolutely. While each of our cups of coffee served at any of our locations are always completely free, we sell bags of the very same roasts in each of our stores and online. Contact us for more information.

The simple answer is YUP. Look a direct mail. You probably get a ton of direct mail in your mailbox each and every day. There has to be a reason why all those companies pay top dollar to have their advertisements in the hands of consumers, right? Well, it is because it works. 42.2% of people who receive direct mail actually read or at a minimum scan the advertising they receive, according to the Data & Marketing Association. Now imagine your advertisement is literally in the hands of the consumer. The average person takes approximately 40 sips of their piping hot coffee before they need a refill. When your advertisement is on that cup, that means that your advertisement could be seen up to 40 or more times.

Each advertisement will have a dynamic QR code the user can scan printed right on the cup. You can link your QR code to offer coupons, show promotional videos, movie trailers, breaking news, or even order food, donate now, surveys, PowerPoint presentations, social media links, and so much more. We create custom solutions for every brand's needs!

You could use the entire cup as an advertisement or supplement the cost by sharing the ad space with other non-competing businesses. We offer three cup sizes (12, 16, and 20oz) and you can advertise on 1/3, 1/2, or the whole cup. Each price quotation is custom taylored to each client.